SEO Specialist That Focuses On Growing Your Bottom Line

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of influencing the visibility of pages on your website so they appear highly in Google’s search engine’s unpaid results page – often referred to as “natural”, “organic” or “free” results.

Strategic SEO when done right can be one of the largest sources of new business for digital leaders and most times the highest returning marketing channel.

The challenge is the slow burn that many websites need initially that can extend the ROI time for newer eCommerce stores & websites or where there’s been damage done by old SEO tactics that don’t work anymore from inexperienced consultants.

Benefits of Search & Convert SEO

Most of our clients agree that SEO is one of their largest sources of sales & leads
Great SEO management increases sales & leads from other marketing channels too
For the investment, SEO is usually the highest returning channel for our clients
When done correctly SEO pre-qualifies customers before engaging with you, making sales quicker & easier

Common issues with typical SEO “experts”

You may have experienced these too if you’ve tried to hire an SEO specialist in the past:

  • Excessive busy work of creating content and backings without diagnosing and fixing the actual issues holding your website back
  • Focusing on rankings and traffic instead of revenue & profit
  • Prioritising a minimalistic brand image with too little content for the user or Google
  • Choosing the wrong keywords to rank for, which may look successful but bring in little to no profit
  • Trying to trick Google with blackhat techniques using low-quality backlinks, un-natural content or overly optimised website structure

Why we’re different

It’s far easier and more profitable long-term to give Google exactly what it wants – provide the best option for the user. In reality, being the best option for the user is a moving target, which needs consistent improvement.

Here’s how our 3 pillars of digital leadership, refined for over 12 years across 35 different industries helps to cut out the noise of traditional SEO:

Influence to Grow

  • Understanding of your customer – who they are, why they’ll buy from you & how they make a decision
  • Determining the right keyword targets for you to optimise profitable growth for your SEO strategy based on current ranking, the opportunity for growth and profit potential
  • Defining and optimising the messaging with SEO copywriting balancing optimising for the best user conversions and also Google ranking

Innovate to Profit

  • User Experience – Delivering what users want such as speed, ease of use and navigability.
  • Google Experience – Optimising Google’s crawl budget, structured data & minimising errors
  • Digital Brand Building – link building is dead, Google now sees direct brand searches as the new benchmark for brand strength and trust

Invest to Accelerate

  • Digital Assets – The prioritisation building and optimising assets for your SEO strategy such as ranking pages, strengthening the brand and improving website health
  • Education – We keep you and your team up to date on Google updates an how they can contribute to your SEO strategy. This includes internal terms updating the website content through to external developers.
  • Team Processes – A great SEO strategy doesn’t operate in isolation anymore. Opening up communication and processes between us and your team such as website updates, roadmap, adding/removing pages and getting insight into demand from customers.


If you’re here you probably know they’re something not quite right about your SEO specialist’s strategy right now. Apply today for a free SEO strategy session to get new insight into the real reasons Google is holding you back.