Google Shopping Management Agency – Maximise Your Sales & Keep More of the Revenue

If you’re in eCommerce, Google Shopping should be one of your largest growing source of new customers. For eCommerce digital leaders, Google shopping now regularly accounts for over 70% of their total online marketing budget.

What is Google Shopping?

Here are some examples of where Google shopping ads are shown:

Top in search

Tab View

With such prominent position is search now, deciding on your Google Shopping agency is important so you can maximise your return without spending more than you need to.

There are 4 areas to optimise with your Google Shopping management – Each one needing regular review and comparison to competitors so you can get the most out of your ad spend:

Maximise your return with the right Google shopping agency

Influence to grow

  • Gaining audience insight deeper than keywords resulting in the right products being displayed with the right message
  • Higher ad distribution and positions compared to the competition with campaigns optimised for the user

Innovate to profit

  • Optimised merchant feed – Half of the opportunity to increase profitability in your Google Shopping campaigns happens outside of your Google Ads account
  • Focus on product profitability through avoiding the usual over-simplistic or complex campaign structure

Invest to accelerate

  • Keep merchant feed healthy with the evolving shopping requirements with good systems
  • Balancing budget and bids across down to each product instead of just product groups most advertisers typically do


Choose Search & Convert as your Google Shopping agency so you can focus on running your business. Get your free Google Shopping strategy audit to see what’s holding back your return right now.