Google Ads (AdWords) Management - Slash Your Costs & Boost Return

Having an experienced trusted adviser managing your Google Ads means you and your team will be happier
We focus on what matters the most: revenue & leads – while also diving deep into how we got you there
Slash your customer acquisition costs while boosting your revenue with Google Ads leadership

There are 3 types of businesses we see coming to us for help with their Google Ads managment:

1) Haven’t tried Google Ads
If you’re in business and haven’t tried Google Ads, this is the first channel online you should look at to maximise your growth. Starting with a clean slate helps you build campaigns the right way from the start to help maximise growth.

2) Wasted lots of time & money trying to make it work
Many businesses who’ve used Google Ads think it’s been an expensive regretful experiment. From our experience, most of these issues come from mismanagement of Google Ads that could have simply have been avoided with experience and strategically optimising the campaigns for profitability.

3) Currently running Google Ads but feel like you’re overspending
This is where most of our clients we see fit – You might be running Google ads themselves or using an agency but are here with a gut feeling that you’re losing out on profitable growth. (You’re probably right!)

After over 100 Google Ads accounts reviewed - Here are the biggest problems leading to stagnant growth

  • Wrong campaigns for budget – spending too much budget on strategies that won’t provide a good return
  • Focus on clicks and conversions instead of revenue and profit
  • Not stand out against the competition
  • Lack of budget allocation down to the audience level for profitability
  • Mismatched Ads campaigns to business goals from understanding your products services, profitability and seasonality.

How we help you maximise the return from your Google Ads

Influence to Grow

  • Getting deep understanding who your customer is
  • Defining the 5 different stages of the buying process for you
  • Crafting tailored messaging for the different stages of your customers

Innovate to Profit

  • Carve our your unique offer and show this point of difference in ads
  • Bidding down to the audience level instead of just keywords
  • Excluding non-buying customers

Invest to Accelerate

  • Educate you and your team on how Google Ads works and constant changes to the platform
  • Deep knowledge of your numbers – margin on products, in stock products you need to move, target profitability etc
  • As a true partner, we get processes that we implement with your team to educate you about Google Ads and keep us in the loop about your business – New products, sales/offers, changes to your website etc

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